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Weetakid, the game. Brought to you by Weetabix.

04 Oct Weetakid, the game. Brought to you by Weetabix.

The project at a glance

Project Title: Weetakid IOS Game App
Client: BBH – Weetabix
Date: Oct 2011
Agency: BBH
My Role: Project Scoping and Phase 2 development
Media: IOS Game App – On Pack & Nickelodeon

Respected agency BBH, conceptualise a new mobile platform game for Weetabix, adding a fun, colourful new Augmented Reality (AR) game to their cereal boxes. The game would require the player to download the free app, to run Weetakid around his little planet and rebuild his colourful galaxy. To give Weetakid the energy he would need to play the game, the player would need to point his or hers, iphone, ipod touch or iPad at cereal box to see it come to life and feed Weetakid some Weetabix.

To realise their creative vision BBH needed to assemble a team that be including highly respected studio Yum Yum to help create the visual universe, and experienced game builders North Kingdom to program the app. With Radium creating the songs and the sound effects playing out on the fantasy journey through the Weetakid universe.

The 2nd video on the left video is a small fun take on their approach..

Finished work

Download the game at http://www.weetabix.co.uk/weetakid

Weetabix proudly presents the wondrous world of Weetakid. Welcome to the most magical of galaxies, and in particular, to a very special planet indeed. Here lives Weetakid, a happy, loveable creature, who up until recently was living a rather blissful existence.

Enter the Evil Eater, the most evil of evil villains. So evil he used to steal the evil toys off the evil children at evil school. Seriously, seriously ev…you get the point.

One fateful day, the Evil Eater struck. Stripping all the planets in the galaxy of their energy and wildlife. What for? To create the most powerful planet of all to rule over.

Now you must help Weetakid on a quest to all corners of the galaxy to rebuild its world.

Venture to Vertigo, a topsy turvy world, where you must dodge all manner of strange wildlife in pursuit of the Evil Eater.

Navigate Nova Belta, the volatile asteroid region where only the best survive, let alone succeed.

More at: http://www.weetabix.co.uk/weetakid

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