Corset Fits - 3-Degrees
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Corset Fits

Beautiful hand made corsets
  • Devices- Corset Fits 1200x600 copy

About This Project

Corset Fits


Selling beautiful corsets on Portobello Rd. Market was how Corset Fits started out. Initially Coset Fits came to 3-Degrees back in 2012 with a brief to build a portfolio website which could be used to display the Corsets and away demostrating to suppliers they were are real company.


Recently Corset Fits asked us to develop an eCommerce plaform so customers could purchase the corsets online. Both Corset Fits and 3-Degrees felt the model designs used in online store these days would probably not work for their customers so the retro look and feel was what the client opted for.

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February 11, 2015

E-commerce, Fashion