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Atlanta Cecilia

Atlanta turns her inner world into soul, jazz and blues melodies,
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About This Project

Atlanta Cecilia Singer & Musician


Atlanta turns her inner world into soul, jazz and blues melodies, working to be worthy of her idols, Patti Smith, Billy Holiday and Nina Simone. She sings in theatre productions and busks on the street. She records at friend’s houses, in her bedroom, at home‐studios, and publishes drafts of her songs on Myspace and Soundcloud.


In 2009 Atlanta Cecilia moved to London and met like-minded guitarist and jazz aficionado John Bratoeff and formed a duo. After ten years of nurturing, refining and recoding her songs Atlanta Cecilia found the right-mix of musicians, studio and engineer to make her debut album North, giving her songs a home to live.


For the release of her new album ‘North’ Atlanta Cecilia tasked 3-Degrees with building a self managed website to promote her music and the new album.


And we think – The right-mix of musicians, studio and engineer make Atlanta’s debut album “North” one to enjoy.


Atlanta Cecilia


January 22, 2014

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