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Pink Cap Drive

07 Dec Pink Cap Drive

The project at a glance

Project Title: Pink Cap Drive
Client: Firestone/Bridgestone/
Date: Dec 2010
Agency: Splash Consulting Group
Our Role: Account Director
Media: NZ Print, POS, Social Media

Tyre manufacturer Firestone needed to build a relationship with female drivers. Splash Consulting’s Research showed that half of New Zealand’s women make tyre-purchasing decisions themselves, but most feel they are being exploited at the point-of-sale.

The Solution:
Firestone’s Pink Cap Drive raises over $150,000 for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. (NZBCF)

We helped Bridgestone recognise the increasing importance of the female audience.

An advert by its male-led creative agency tested badly with the female audience Firestone was trying to reach. Instead, it’s female-led media agency suggested delivering action rather than words by the company supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

We developed new strategic direction to help overcome their challenge to connect, in a meaningful way, with women in what can often be perceived as a low interest category. Also to develop long-term relationships that will drive referral and strong word-of-mouth marketing.

We set up a Firestone designated website selling pink tyre dust cover caps for $2 each. All proceeds were donated to Breast Cancer Awareness. It decided to begin the campaign in September to avoid its message been lost amongst the many breast cancer sponsorships that run throughout October.

The 10,000 pink dust caps initially ordered by Firestone sold out in just eight days. An additional 80,000 were sourced and sold. In all 77,000 dust cover caps were sold, 25 days before the campaign ended. In total Firestone raise $150,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness and raised the profile of its brand amongst female drivers.

The Client says:
“The Pink Cap Drive has resonated with Kiwis – it’s allowed lots of people to do a little bit. Over $220,000 in donations proves that lots of people doing a little really can make a big difference,” concludes Mr. Oyama. NZ Business at Bridgestone New Zealand



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