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LYNX Anarchy Matchmaker Facebook App

04 Feb LYNX Anarchy Matchmaker Facebook App

The project at a glance

Project Title: Axe Match Maker Facebook App
Client: Unilever Axe – BBH
Date: Feb 2012
Agency: BBH
My Role: Sound Effects Edits and Asset delivery
Media: Global Facebook App

—Under construction more details to follow—

The BBH commisioned 3-Degrees Consulting to assist in providing the assets required for Lynx/Axe Matchmaker Facebook App.

BBH developed two Facebook applications as part of the Anarchy campaign. The “Anarchy Matchmaker” invites people to select Facebook friends they fancy and then notifies them — although it makes the exchange public only if the attraction proves mutual. “Kissing Chaos” invites people to post photos of themselves in smooching poses, and then randomly matches them up with other participants.

This facebook app will help you to find out which girls fancy you. The results are displayed in an interactive infographic which is also the UX.

Client says:

BBH Producer

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