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Jim Beam Bus

08 Mar Jim Beam Bus

The project at a glance

Project Title: Jim Beam – “Jim Beam Bus”
Client: Beam Global Brands
Date: Mar 2007
Agency: Blacksheep
My Role: BDM/Account Director
Media:  Touring Jim Beam branded bus

To come up with a mobile solution for Jim Beam that would first & foremost add value to The Bourbon Fest Tour, and secondly would act as a marketing stool to promote the brand at other Jim Beam activities i.e. pub activations, sporting events etc.

To create something special – we suggested a bus!

To sell the bus idea I invited my buddy and, well known country music signer, Steve Forde, to showcase the bus he built for the Country Music Channel.







They bought the idea straight away!

With the client I then conceptualised, project managed & headed up the build, along with the creative from The Works Sydney

Steve sourced, bought & refurbishment an old school bus: completely gutting the bus internally, raising the roof by 50cm and added an additional steps & door for a rear access  and to easy patron flow.

Finished Product
Key features include entire bus wrap, functioning bar, leather seating, 6 x plasmas, XBOX consoles, Bose sound system and a 6 person spa.

6 person spa challenge – the spa needed to be completely self filling and water could not be left in the tub during transportation, bus would be unstable and the water would simply slosh everywhere. To overcome this we needed to store the water below the busses centre of gravity, therefore a tank was built under the rear of the bus.

3-years later – the bus is still touring nationally to the snow, sporting events, pub promotions, festivals.

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