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Facebook App – Axe Kissing Coach

04 Feb Facebook App – Axe Kissing Coach

The project at a glance

Project Title: Axe Kissing Coach – Kissing Chaos App
Client: Axe
Date: Feb 2012
Agency: BBH
Acc Manager: Keral Patel
BBH Producer: Nick Townsend
My Role: Shoot assets, After Effects Edits and Asset delivery
Media: Global Facebook App & US Blogger channels

The BBH commisioned 3-Degrees Consulting to assist in providing the assets required for Lynx/Axe Kissing Chaos Facebook App and US Blogger.

3-Degrees arrange to shoot models, edited after effect files and provided US bloggers with personalised video content.

The videos on the left show the US Blogger using the app and the assets provide by 3-Degrees Consulting.

Client says:>Solution

“Hi All, Just to confirm everything looks great and has been delivered and is on schedule to go live on Monday.” Nick Townsend, BBH Producer

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