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Channel 4 Paralympics

11 Jul Channel 4 Paralympics

Channel 4 Paralympics – “Meet The Superhumans” campaign

Thanks to my good friend, producer Simon Maniora I was invited to work on the 4creative commissioned film “Meet The Superhumans”. Directed by Tom Tagholm to promote Channel 4’s coverage of the 2012 London Paralympic Games the inspiring “Meet The Superhumans” campaign aimed at bringing new audiences to the Paralympic Games and to raise awareness of Paralympic sport, marking the channel’s largest marketing campaign to date.

Shot in sports venues all over the UK, the 90-second film features Team GB’s greatest Paralympic athletes, introducing them as “superhumans” and showing their individual and collective strength. Accompanied by Public Enemy’s defiant hit “Harder Than You Think”, the film shows the athletes in a new light: powerful, unique and warrior-like, with limitless potential. Tom captures their spirit and determination with beautifully crisp visuals and racing momentum, showing the athletes training and competing, whilst providing a touching insight to what they have overcome on the journey to becoming world-class competitors.

The ad premiered simultaneously on 76 channels and made an enormous and immediate positive impact across press outlets and social networks.


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