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Campbell’s V8 Fruit and Veg Juice

18 Oct Campbell’s V8 Fruit and Veg Juice

The project at a glance

Project: V8 Fruit and Veg Juice
Client: Campbell’s
Date: Oct 2008
Agency: Now Screen
Our Role: Account Manager
Media: Australian Free-To-Air & Pay TV

Campbell’s Soup had been using a competitive advertising format for nearly 8 years. As account manager I saw this a challenge to win a piece of business from the competitor. I had managed to build a relationship with a brand team within Arnott’s, a company own buy Campbells, which meant I was able to convince the team at V8 that they should at least allow us to answer a brief.

An established, successful brand that was looking for additional growth in an increasingly competitive market. Overcome the key barriers to purchase across V8 vegetable and V8 fruit & veg. Re-establish a unique position in ambient juice

The Solution:
We saw a opportunity with the “whatsnew?” format to leverage the government’s 5 Veg + 2 Fruit campaign to position V8 as the easy way to achieve your daily serves of fruit and vegetables. You can eat a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch and still not have eaten any fruit or vegetables

Instead of beating people over the head telling them what they need to do, provide the solution. Demonstrate understanding of REALITY. One glass of V8 Fruit and Veg gives you a kick start. It gets you one step closer to your daily requirement. Your goal is now easier to achieve. Suddenly it becomes realistic everyday.

Media Analysis – Phase 1

  • Creative: ‘What’s New’ 30 sec + 15 sec
  • On Air: 12th Oct – 29th Nov
  • Markets: All states, metro & regional
  • Networks: 9, 10, SBS, Pay TV
  • Product Featured: V8 Fruit & Veg
  • Key Message: ‘serves of fruit & veg’

The Client says:
“Results were very positive, +72%!”

“V8 Original is enjoying a similar uplift to Fruit & Veg, great news for the range! The week after the 1st 2 weeks no media ran, then the TVC went back after 1 week off. The week off sustained baseline sales at a similar rate to the weeks on air, a fantastic halo result. The 3rd week of media the results were stronger again than the previous weeks so a great story continues!”

“Account/creative team demonstrated solid understanding of the brief and brand strategy. They presented a compelling pitch with well thought out scripts and storyboards, and description of the production values which would deliver the vitality, freshness and taste cues critical to the brand proposition.”

“The use of a new animation depicting the blend of fruit & veg worked well with the voice over to clearly communicate the ‘goodness of vegetables with great fruity taste’ proposition.”

“Creative was developed on time, within budget and with production values that delivered to what was pitched.”

“V8 Vegetable juice received a stronger than expected halo effect from the advertising (which featured Fruit & Veg)”Lorem Ipsum,
Dove Marketing Director EMEA

Media Analysis – Phase 2 +3
Campbells then ran the same creative,  (slight changes in pack-shot) 3 months later and then again in Oct 2009 and saw further increases +33% in sales.

Campbells Arnotts then became Now Screen’s “number one” client and went onto produce further successful TVC campaigns across the Campbells Arnotts brand portfolio of which I managed

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