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Where are ‘the girls’ in the 2012 Boots Christmas TVC?

17 Oct Where are ‘the girls’ in the 2012 Boots Christmas TVC?

Today on the set of the 2012 Boots Christmas commercial I learnt that Boots has dropped ‘here come the girls’ after five years to widen reach

Boots is dropping its “here come the girls” strategy after five years in favour of a “let’s feel good” positioning as it seeks to appeal to a more diverse audience.

On the set of the Boots Christmas TV commercial

Boots: Christmas ad scenarios include a girl trying to turn a puppy into a unicorn.

The new strapline is being introduced as part of the brand’s high-profile Christmas campaign that will aim to inspire customers with a “let’s give gifts that keep on giving” message.

Creative by Mother is continuing Boots’ comedy strategy with a 60-second spot breaking in ‘The X-Factor’ tomorrow (10 November) and introducing a number of storylines, which will be continued in four subsequent 30-second spots.

Scenarios in the 60-second spot feature a girl making her puppy into a “unicorn” by blow-drying its hair, and a granddad having his toenails painted by his grandchild. The soundtrack in the ad is Elton John’s ‘Are You Ready for Love?’.

Elizabeth Fagan, marketing director, said the brand was dropping the “here come the girls” creative idea because “the appeal of the brand is widespread and this is about reflecting diversity”.

Fagan added that the “let’s feel good” positioning was an evolution of “here come the girls” and that customers shown the ad, “are saying the transition from ‘here come the girls’ is very natural”.

The stars of the ad were street cast from all over the country in order to reflect the diversity of Britain and the Boots customer base.

Boots’ last Christmas ad did not appeal to all tastes and was voted the 13th most irritating ad of 2011 by a TNS survey of 1,027 adults.

Fagan led the introduction of “here come the girls” in Christmas 2007 after being appointed marketing director in August of the same year, having previously been managing director of Boots Opticians.

On the set of the Boots Christmas TV commercial

On the set of the Boots Christmas TV commercial

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