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Bid Stream – Online Auctions

08 Dec Bid Stream – Online Auctions

The project at a glance

Project: Bid Stream Online Auctions
Date: Dec 2005
My Role: Founder & Director

About Bid Stream: “Founded, developed and managed by me”, Bid Stream was the leading provider of privately branded online auction sites. Bid Stream’s auction platform powers auction markets that sell everything from computers and electronics to hotel rooms, beauty aides and sports memorabilia.

Bid Stream offered a “Clean Skin” auction platform, a “Turnkey” program that was ready to use, secure new business and boost revenue. Whether it was a media event auction, charity fundraising auction or an excess stock clearance Auction, Bid Stream’s platform was designed to minimize the cost and workload in staging an online event auction, while maximizing the revenue.


EMAP, Zoo Weekly Magazine – Blokes Stuff Auctioned
Time Inc, InStye Magazine – Womens fashion Auction
Fairfax Media, RagTraders – Women’s fashion Auction
Fiji Visitors Board – Holiday Auction
Great Sydney Transport –  6 months worth of lost property auctioned
DMS Davlan – used equipment and machinery including tractors, headers, trucks, trailers
Total Asset Service, Equipment Online – used equipment and machinery including tractors, headers, trucks, trailers

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