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BBH Mood Film – Crap Job

05 Jan BBH Mood Film – Crap Job

The project at a glance

Project Title: Mood Film
Client: BBH London
Date: Jan 2012
Agency: BBH
My Role: Account Director
Media: Presentation

To create a mood film compiled with clips of guys in the xxx Brands target (young guys) in potential crap jobs.

Film should be about 1 – 2 minutes long and have a soundtrack behind it (suggestions welcome)

Clips we would like to use

  • Napoleon Dynamite – chicken farmer, inside hen shed.
  • The Waterboy – short clip of him preparing water, getting abuse.
  • I Am Sam – Sam working in Starbucks getting crap all over him (any scenes of people working in fast food chains).
  • Deuce Bigalow – Dad cleaning toilet/main guy also cleans fishtanks.
  • Full Metal Jacket – cleans bathroom with toothbrush. Drill sergeant shouting at soldiers, lots of clips of this…
  • Coming to America – working in fast food chain.
  • Fast Food Nation movie trailer – people working in fast food chains/picking meat off the floor.
  • Dumb and Dumber – Dog walker. Jim Carrey with loads of dogs.
  • Horrible Bosses – scene where dude has to fire fat people (on trailer). Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey as horrible bosses. Any clips where they’re being unreasonable

Other jobs we can’t think of clips for.

  • Pizza delivery driver.
  • Insurance cold caller.
  • Toilet cleaner.

Anything else that springs to mind. Youtube has loads of shit jobs that people have already uploaded.


Brief today Tuesday
Present clips for sign off and first rough cut edit – Wednesday
Second Edit review – Thursday
Edit sign off – Friday AM
Film is for a client meeting at 12pm on Monday


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