ABOUT US - 3-Degrees
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What sets us apart?

What We Do

Since opening our doors, we have delivered hundreds of digital experiences, across a multitude of platforms and industries, for some of the UK & Australia’s recognised brands and SMEs.

Who We Are

The 3-Degrees is a balanced partnership of creative thinking with sharp business acumenteam, combined with 30+ years experience in delivering advertising, marketing, digital strategy and online services.

What We Offer

With a team of experinced professionals, our clients can enjoy direct contact with their account manager, and we can continue to ensure high-quality work is delivered on time, on brief and on budget.

Our Philosophy

It’s a simple philosophy: Content is King. But the User is the Emperor.

We believe as strongly today as when we entered the market that for as long as we focus on the end user, our clients will love what we create.

From eCommerce shopping carts, small business static websites the finished product should always evoke emotion, captures a brand personality, or manages to surprise. But equally as important is what works for your audience. We practice a User-Centred design process that focuses on making the interface intuitive for your end user.


The secret is in the planning.

Our design process often involves first identifying the user types who will be using the interface and mapping out their journeys. We prototype those journeys with online wireframes. This online prototyping process is highly agile.

3-Degrees will collaborate with client stakeholders and end-users to test out ideas with simplified layouts and designs. The emphasis is on keeping it simple and minimising clicks. By working together we can design a website that fits you like a glove and meets your goals.

4 Stage Creative Process

Preparation, Incubation, Illumination & Verification.

Preparation – Our aim is to acquire more information about the problem than you already possess. Incubation – At the end of this stage, the idea, which has been incubating, is more clearly defined than it was at the beginning.

Illumination – Where the idea, which has been incubating, assumes definite form. You will typically have an emotional reaction of joy, knowing you have found an idea, a solution. Verification – Does the solution work and/or does it need revision? For example, testing a layout change to see what effect this has on different screen sizes.


We are not in the habbit of bombarding subscribers with weekly emails, just the odd occasional newsletter with tips and tricks, as well as news about our recent projects.